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My name is Dan De Vaul.  Sunny Acres is my creation, and it is my life. Here is my background, and how I became involved in what has become my life’s work:
•Founded Sunny Acres in November 2001.
•Live on site, and actively participate in the day-to-day operations of Sunny Acres. Our Founder – Dan De Vaul
•Born in San Luis Obispo and lived in the area, with my family, through high school and a year of college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
•Grew up in the house shown to the right above. My father farmed various properties in San Luis Obispo, including the property that is now the location of Sunny Acres.
•Moved to Phoenix in 1966, working several jobs and developing my skills in various trades.Sought out and lived a “fast life,” a life destined to encounter serious challenges of my own making.
•In 1970, was involved in a serious automobile accident, and suffered a broken neck. For approximately an eight month period, was quadriplegic, eventually recovering to where ambulation was possible, with the lingering effects of partial right side paralysis.
•As a result, became addicted to painkillers.
•Kicked them, became addicted to alcohol.
•Kicked alcohol, have been clean for 20 years. 10 years without cigarettes.
•Enjoy working with my hands, having others to assist me, and teaching them.
•Continued my father’s tradition of providing work and a place to live for people. Built Section 8 housing in Phoenix. At Sunny Acres, we have been as high as 73 residents.
•Am totally dedicated to Sunny Acres, and to making it the most successful clean and sober facility in the area.

Our concept works. Let us prove it to you.
We believe that a good foundation is the most important step in building a new life in sobriety. Some of our clients have special needs, or may have obligations to parole, probation, or mental health. Our associates come from many walks of life, but they all share a common goal: learning to live clean and sober. They form a diverse and unique community, with a genuine interest in helping each other overcome the disease of addiction and succeed in living a more responsible and productive life. Clients are offered work, access to meals in a community kitchen and when available, housing based on their individual needs. Our program allows associates to attend on-site meetings twice a week for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, and one Community Meeting where we discuss ways of improving and strengthening the community. We believe that the success of the individual serves to enhance and enrich the community as a whole.
With Obama Support, Interpol to Lead Global “Terror War” Scheme             

Under the guise of fighting the terror war amid chaos in Iraq and Syria, the Obama administration is boosting its collaboration with the self-styled “law enforcement” partner of the United Nations known as Interpol. The Washington, D.C., arm of the deeply controversial outfit, formally dubbed the International Criminal Police Organization, will be “spearheading” an Obama-backed plot known as the “Foreign Terrorist Fighter Program,” the U.S. Justice Department announced in a statement. The unveiling of the scheme follows the UN Security Council’s approval last week of a “binding” resolution sponsored by Obama to create a new global terrorism regime, complete with what amounts to a planetary “no-fly” list.

According to Interpol Washington, which serves as the official representative for disgraced U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to the France-based global outfit, the new terror-war program “leverages the unique resources Interpol utilizes to combat transnational crime.” Those resources include Interpol’s communications system, criminal and analytical databases, biometric information on targets, and a system of advisory notices aimed at tracking and apprehending individuals in governments’ crosshairs. The goal of the latest scheme, the Justice Department explained, is to monitor, deter, and interdict anyone designated as a “foreign terrorist fighter.”

It was not immediately clear how somebody would be declared a “foreign terrorist fighter,” or how such a designation could be challenged in a court of law — if it is even possible. However, the Justice Department admitted in the statement that its scheming was also aimed at “those not charged with a particular offense.” Already, hiding behind half-baked legal arguments put forward by Attorney General Holder, the Obama administration claims it can extra-judicially execute people around the world — including U.S. citizens — without any formal charges, trial, or conviction. Of course, the U.S. Constitution that Obama and Holder took an oath to uphold says the opposite.

Despite the lack of attention from the establishment press surrounding the new Interpol scheme, senior U.S. officials were openly celebrating it. “Interpol provides critical leadership in advancing the Justice Department’s efforts to combat terrorism and ensure the safety of all Americans — offering cutting-edge resources, a structure for international cooperation, and strategic tools like Red, Blue and Green Notices for tracing, targeting and apprehending terror suspects,” explained outgoing Attorney General Holder, who, ironically, is currently in criminal contempt of Congress for his role in attempting to cover-up the deadly Fast and Furious scandal.
“In a world that is increasingly interdependent and interconnected, Interpol helps to defend against a range of evolving challenges by disseminating information, combating crime, and identifying potential threats,” Holder continued in the statement. “And particularly today, with the emergence of groups like ISIL, and the knowledge that some Americans are attempting to travel to countries like Syria and Iraq to take part in ongoing conflicts, Interpol — as the world’s largest international police organization — has a vital role to play in safeguarding our homeland and protecting the American people.” The FBI says that about 12 Americans went to the Middle East to fight on behalf of the Islamic State, a terror group that has been one of the top beneficiaries of Obama’s “regime-change” machinations in Syria.

Another outfit involved in the emerging Interpol terror regime is Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. A massive bureaucracy, DHS has attracted strong criticism, outrage, and ridicule for, among other absurdities, repeatedly claiming in official reports that mainstream political views held by tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Americans could be indicators of “terrorism” and “extremism.” Returning U.S. veterans are also a potential “terror” threat — along with pro-lifers, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, liberty lovers, and countless others — the DHS claimed in a half-baked report citing a known hoax Internet site.

“The threat posed by foreign fighters is one that is persistent and requires the full cooperation and resources of the international law enforcement community to effectively combat,” claimed Obama’s new Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, in a statement about the new scheme. “We are already working closely with European and other governments to build better information sharing, and we will continue to leverage our partnership with the Interpol, Department of Justice and other international partners to make enhanced and concerted efforts to track foreign fighters who come from or seek to enter the United States.”
Aside from Interpol and Obama’s scandal-plagued DHS and DOJ, other participants in the new scheme include the National Security Council. About 30 foreign governments are also involved, according to the official statement. It did not specify all of the national governments or dictatorships that would be participating, citing only a handful of European governments along with Australia and New Zealand. One of the key players involved in the Interpol scheme, though, is the government of the United Kingdom, DOJ said, offering some insight into what Interpol and its allies have in mind.
In a speech delivered to the UN General Assembly last week, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that the increasingly aggressive terror war was set to expand far beyond just terrorism. To “defeat” terrorist organizations, Cameron told the assembled UN member regimes, their “ideology” must be defeated in “all its forms.” As examples of ideas in the terror war’s crosshairs, the embattled U.K. leader pointed to theories about the 9/11 and 7/7 London terror attacks that do not conform to the widely questioned official government narratives. 

“We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism — not just violent extremism,” he explained, acknowledging that the machinations would not be entirely “compatible” with free speech and intellectual inquiry. “For governments, there are some obvious ways we can do this.... We shouldn’t stand by and just allow any form of non-violent extremism. And we need the strongest possible international focus on tackling this ideology — which is why here at the United Nations, the United Kingdom is calling for a new Special Representative on extremism.”

Another participant listed in the DOJ announcement was the Islamist government of Turkey, which has come under strong criticism as one of the world’s leading persecutors of journalists. That is especially troubling in light of Interpol’s history and even recent developments, analysts say. Consider, for instance, that in 1938, Interpol was actually taken over by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime in Germany, with the global outfit eventually being relocated to Berlin in 1942.

More recently, Interpol has also come under heavy fire after reportedly using its systems to help Muslim dictatorships track down journalists and alleged “apostates” accused of “religious” crimes. In 2012, for example, Interpol came under fire worldwide after reportedly helping the Saudi Arabian regime search for a 28-year-old woman who allegedly committed the “crime” of converting to Christianity. Before that, Interpol also reportedly helped the Saudi monarchy track down and arrest a journalist who fled the kingdom after being accused of insulting Islam’s prophet — punishable by death in most Islamic-ruled nations. Interpol denied that it played a role in the arrest, despite an official statement by Malaysian authorities saying that Interpol had demanded the arrest.

Some 190 governments are members of Interpol, including an overwhelming majority of the most ruthless autocracies on the planet. Among its members: The brutal communist regimes ruling over Cuba, China, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Laos, and many more. Virtually every Islamic dictatorship on Earth, including some identified by the U.S. State Department as sponsors of terrorism, are also members. Interpol’s charter supposedly prevents it from undertaking activities or interventions of a political, military, religious, or racial nature, but critics remain deeply concerned — especially after some of its more controversial machinations were reported in the Western press.         
Despite the controversies, the Obama administration has been a strong supporter of Interpol. In late 2009, Obama even signed an “executive order” purporting to provide immunity from taxes, searches, customs inspections, and more for the global outfit’s operatives in the United States. That same year, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble, known as the “Enforcer” for his role in the infamous Waco slaughter of civilians, boasted that when police stop someone, “they will be consulting global databases to determine who they are stopping.”

On the Obama DOJ website, meanwhile, the public is informed that “INTERPOL Washington's mission is to coordinate U.S. law enforcement actions and responses, ensuring that they are consistent with ... INTERPOL policies, procedures, and regulations.” Interpol’s constitution, of course, is fundamentally at odds with the U.S. Constitution, so it was not clear why U.S. law enforcement would be expected to follow Interpol policies and regulations.

The UN, widely ridiculed as the “dictators club,” is also a very close ally of Interpol. When announcing an even deeper partnership between the two in 2009 under the guise of “boosting global security,” UN boss Ban Ki-moon claimed the outfits were “natural partners” in enforcing what he described as peace. “UN Police nurture faith in justice,” Ban also alleged in the statement, despite non-stop horror stories about atrocities perpetrated worldwide by the UN’s heavily armed “peace” forces. “They forge trust in uniformed men and women. They generate confidence that peace can succeed.”

With the “terror war” becoming increasingly globalized and focused on “ideology” rather than criminal activity, Americans who cherish their God-given rights ought to be concerned — especially considering the track record of globalist organizations and the Obama administration’s obsessive focus on demonizing the views of hundreds of millions of everyday Americans as “extremism” and potential "terrorism." Outfits such as the UN and Interpol are not needed to effectively fight crime or terrorism. Instead, they represent potentially dangerous tools with agendas completely at odds with the U.S. Constitution. And they are ripe for abuse.

Rather than building up globalist bureaucracies that are unrestrained by the U.S. Constitution, bilateral extradition treaties with foreign governments would be more than sufficient to deal with transnational crime and terror in a constitutional manner. Ending Obama’s arms shipments and training for jihadists in the Middle East, of course, would also help put a big dent in Islamist terrorism. Properly securing the U.S.-Mexico border would also aid in preventing terrorists from coming into the United States. It is past time for Congress to restrain the Obama administration and withdraw the U.S. government’s funding and participation from the UN, Interpol, and similar organizations.
Ukraine City Topples Lenin Statue, But He Still Stands in NYC, Seattle, London

Ukrainian nationalists in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, toppled a huge statue of communist leader Vladimir Lenin on Sunday, September 28. A photograph of the event showing the statue tipping, as it was pulled by cables off an even taller pedestal, was carried by Associated Press. Throughout the Soviet Union, thousands of similar monuments to Lenin, Stalin, and other communist leaders became prominent fixtures in every Soviet city. Interestingly, many of these tributes to totalitarian oppression are still standing, more than two decades after the supposed “collapse of communism.” Few of the journalists or “expert” commentators covering Russia, Ukraine, and other former communist-run nations of the U.S.S.R. or Warsaw Pact question why these hated symbols are still standing.

Why has it taken so long for the Kharkiv Lenin to be removed? Why did the “former” communists ruling Ukraine protect it — and others like it — for so long? Why is it only coming down now, and as a sop to “Ukrainian nationalism” versus Russian belligerence; was not communism’s horrendous imprint on Ukraine (not the least of which was Stalin’s mass-genocide-by-famine known as the Holodomor)
sufficient in and of itself to have guaranteed the prompt eradication of these villainous icons?

The cult of personality glorifying dictators and Party leaders became synonymous with fascist and communist regimes in the 20th century and was an essential propaganda feature of the totalitarian state. Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, a thorough de-Nazification program quickly removed statues, swastikas, and other symbols of Hitler’s regime. Understandably, Nazi officials, Gestapo agents, and members of Hitler’s SS were prosecuted and/or barred from holding public office. However, no similar rooting out of ex-Communist Party officials and KGB agents has occurred in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. Lifelong communists simply have declared that they are now “democrats” and have continued to hold critical economic and political power. Many of them have gone to great lengths to thwart and minimize all efforts aimed at eradicating the symbols that glorify the communist regimes that oppressed their nations for most of the past century.

Lenin, Che, Mao Cults Persist in West

Many “Liberals” and “Progressives” still have not gotten over their adolescent infatuation with Marxism-Leninism. They continue to idolize Marx, Lenin, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Mao Tse-tung. They tenaciously cling to their romantic notions of socialism, ignoring the clear record of history that shows their gods to have been monsters. While no one should be surprised to learn that Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba still has a park in Havana named after the Bolshevik dictator featuring a large bust of Lenin, many Americans would be surprised to learn that a 16-foot-tall Lenin statue can be found in a public square, amid shops and fast food outlets, in Fremont, a “bohemian” suburb of Seattle, Washington. A photo of the Fremont Lenin was featured, along with one of the Havana Lenin, in a January 21, 2014 article entitled “Lenin lives on in bronze and on screens around the world,” in Russia Beyond the Headlines, one of the Kremlin’s many new propaganda outlets in the West.

An earlier triumphal piece in 2009 by another of Putin’s propaganda projects, RT, entitled “Lenin Towers Over New York,” boasted of the large bronze Lenin statue atop Red Square in Manhattan, which it described as “a fashionable apartment rental complex on the Lower East Side surrounded by retail stores and restaurants,” and owned by “revolutionary developer” Michael Rosen.
(Photos of the NYC Red Square Lenin can be seen here.)

A 2013 BBC story, “Five Lenin statues in unexpected places,” provides pictures of Lenin statues/busts in Seattle/Fremont; Antarctica; London, U.K.; Tarhankut, Ukraine; and Cavriago, Italy.

Living on the black plantation


During slavery, and from the 1800's through the 1980's, the concept of family was tight knit, strongly woven, and the envy of most cultures. The African American family unit survived in spite of unimaginable cruelty and adversity. It is only recently, during the last thirty years, that the African American family became dysfunctional and lost its direction. One has to think for some twisted reason we do not feel whole because in many cases we allow others define us.

What has happened to the Black community in America? How did we go from singing We Shall Overcome to singing Superman That Ho? When did our priorities change from fighting for the right to vote to not voting at all because, “One vote doesn’t matter?” How did a people who came from such strong and courageous roots become commercialized and oblivious to their current state of being? In 2008 the Black community is still enslaved and we do not even recognize it. The children of our community are increasingly having babies, killing one another, and dropping out of school. In Chicago alone by April 7, 2008 twenty-three CPS students had been murdered and that number continues to rise. However, it seems as though only a hand full of people are actually concerned with our race’s future.


Our Community as a whole is becoming more divided, disrespectful, inconsiderate, and unconcerned with each passing year. Our children are becoming more uneducated, angry, and unmotivated, but we feel that it is more important to discuss the fact that Nas came out with a CD entitled Nigger than exchange ideas as to the fact that our young men are dropping out of school and ending up in prison before they are even twenty-one. We can argue all day about how disrespectful it is for “good” Black men to date outside their race, but we cannot initiate new innovative programs to keep our youth off the street and out of gangs. We can complain hours on end about how “The White man” is keeping us down, but on Election Day we cannot find enough strength within us to go to the polls and vote.


Black women raise children, too often alone, and the bitterness that difficult task creates causes some women to make derogatory complaints against men in general, tainting their daughters and shaming their sons. Also, it seems that black women do not often hold their sons to as high a standard as their daughters, making them further vulnerable. If proper behavior is not modeled for young people, they have difficulty fulfilling those expectations. This creates the perfect ingredients for the dismal situations to occur in our community. She went on to add that a lot of that has to do with our values, and the lack of knowing the importance of loving our communities, our families, and ourselves.


The Feminist Movement: Backed by liberal white women to fight for the equal rights of women; the same rights most black men had yet to fully be granted. A lot of black women got lost in the rhetoric of how men were keeping them down, losing sight of the fact that black men were down there with them. To this day, the power exchange and infighting among black men and women, is sadly considered the norm, a tool enumerated by Willie Lynch


The Black Church: Many churches have lost their way. The business of religion is bankrupting our communities. Many churches are not touching the lives of those outside of the church most in need. Just like back in the day when it was the design of slave masters, who did so much wickedness to use this as a tactic by offering a bible and in most instances nothing more than pain and a promise of a better life to keep us in line. This is not the same as faith which was necessary to survive our struggles.



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Western Montana Water Rights

~ keeping western Montanans informed about the Flathead Reservation Water Compact

 the federal reserved water rights of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT).  After all, that is why the Compact Commission was established by the legislature in 1979 with a view toward quantifying these rights outside of a court of law through negotiated settlement.  But as Concerned Citizens studied the proposed Compact, we found that the elements of the negotiated settlement really had nothing to do with quantifying the federal reserved water rights of the CSKT.  The Compact is instead about control.

Property Rights and the Compact

The implications of the proposed CSKT Compact on property rights throughout Montana have received scant attention, but remain serious obstacles to simply “approving” the Compact based on general platitudes. The four major elements of the Compact, of which excerpts are provided below, describe a vigorous assault on property rights of Montanans that are far outside the scope of the quantification of a federal reserved water right for the CSKT. A federal reserved water right is defined as the amount of water to fulfill the purposes of the (federal) reservation—no more, no less. Following are excerpts from the Compact itself that describe the serious issues that still must be resolved in order for the Compact to gain broad public acceptance.
Definition of the Reservation
“All land within the exterior boundaries of the Flathead Indian Reservation established under the July 16, 1855 Treaty of Hellgate (12 Stat. 975), notwithstanding the issuance of any patent, and including rights-of-way running through the Reservation”
This definition is the definition of “Indian Country” used for law enforcement purposes. This definition promotes the idea that irrespective of valid, non-Indian fee patented land existing within the boundaries of the reservation, in other words, that all land is still in “reservation status”. This is the approach the Tribes are using in their federal lawsuit against “everyone” in claiming that no non-Indian has a valid land claim or water claim, and that chain of “aboriginal title” was never broken. This means that all those private fee lands should not be paying taxes to the county which would, of course, eviscerate County services based on tax revenue. This definition lays the foundation for the Compact’s claim that the Tribes own all the water and land within the exterior boundaries of the reservation.
Irrigator Water Use Agreement (WUA)
The “agreement” with irrigators states the following:
This Agreement and the Compact specify the terms under which the United States and the FJBC [Flathead Joint Board of Control] agree to withdraw and cease prosecution or defense of all claims to water, whether arising under Federal or State law, held in their names and filed in the Montana General Stream Adjudication, and whatever permits and other rights to the use of water recognized under State law that are held in their names for use on lands served by the FIIP [Flathead Irrigation Project]”
The water use agreement requires the irrigators to relinquish their water rights claims to the ownership of the CSKT. In return, the Tribes will allow the irrigators to use a certain amount of water for their crops which is far less than historic use. This element of the WUA was ruled an unconstitutional taking of property rights without compensation by District Court Judge C.B. McNeil in February 2013. Importantly, the Tribes do not own the irrigation project nor the waters used to irrigate private fee lands within the project.
The Unitary Management Ordinance
The basis of the Compact’s proposed water administration program derives from the Compact Commission’s “grand bargain”:
“…the response is to remind the tribes about the Grand Bargain, and the fact that we agreed to do this extraordinary thing, frankly, with respect to agreeing to subject or to remove non-Indian rights on the reservation from the jurisdiction and control of the state, and place that somewhere else at the tribe’s request.” ~Chris Tweeten, Chairman, Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission, August 2012
Despite the fact that Article IX of the Montana Constitution directs that the state owns all the water in the state and that further, the state is responsible for the administration of the waters of the state, the “Grand Bargain” removes the reservation population out from underneath the protection of the laws and Constitution of the state and puts them underneath the Tribes’ “Unitary Management Ordinance”. Here is the specific language in the Compact:
“This Ordinance shall govern all water rights, whether derived from tribal, state or federal law, and shall control all aspects of water use, including all permitting of new uses, changes of existing uses, enforcement of water right calls and all aspects of enforcement within the exterior boundaries of the Flathead Indian Reservation. Any provision of Title 85, MCA [State water law] that is inconsistent with this Law of Administration is not applicable within the Reservation”
Water administration by the state may very well be a non-delegable function, and the legislature cannot remove a class of its citizens out from underneath its protection just because of where they live. The Unitary Management Ordinance is unconstitutional, no matter who appoints or who sits on the Tribes’ unitary management board. Moreover, Tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians is not supported by state or federal law.
Off-Reservation Instream Flow Claims
The proposed Compact asserts instream flow claims off-reservation and across western Montana. Moreover, the Tribes and the Compact Commission continuously threaten that if the Compact is not approved as is, they will file claims for water even east of the Continental divide. However, the Treaty of Hellgate did not reserve water off the reservation for the CSKT—it only secured access to usual and accustomed places for fishing, hunting, and gathering. Off-reservation lands within the Tribes’ aboriginal area were ceded and sold to the United States. The CSKT filed timely claims in the Indian Claims Commission and Court of Appeals and were further compensated for land and water both on and off reservation. Further, whether an instream flow right exists to support the treaty right to take fish is unsettled law. Finally, off-reservation water claims are not federal reserved water rights.
Several key issues remain to be solved in the proposed CSKT Compact for it to pass legal, constitutional, and legislative muster, and to secure the broad support of the public. To illustrate that there were alternatives to the proposed Compact, a group of legislators developed an “alternative” compact that lies within the framework of federal and state law. The proposed alternative compact and comparison with the existing compact can be found here.
Sixteenth American Jurisprudence
“The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land.  The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement.  It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail.”  This is succinctly stated as follows:
“The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.  As unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed.  Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.”
“Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no right, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…”
“A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one.  An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law.  Indeed, in so far as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it is superseded thereby.  No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
Any court, government or government officer who acts in violation of, in opposition or contradiction to the foregoing, by his, or her, own actions, commits treason and invokes the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment and vacates his, or her, office.  It is the duty of every lawful American Citizen to oppose all enemies of this Nation, foreign and DOMEST
The boldness of global government planners may be equated to pirates who board a ship at sea and take it over against the will of its proper owners.  It is time to record the damage such “planners” have already caused to our Liberty and will continue to inflict against our rights and those of our posterity.  We must protest!
There has never been a document written that could compare or supersede our own ordained Constitution and our Bill of Rights, the rightful governmental framework of our country which secures our liberty.  Is it incumbent upon us to draw attention to the damage that our system has so far been forced to sustain, and which will continue, unless we protest.    The Bill of Rights, and the 1789 United States Constitution, the greatest most fair system of government operation ever struck off by the hand of man is under threat of extinction by global government “planners.” 
Determined global world government “planners” are disloyal public officials who view regimentation as a “right” of government to manage and control every aspect of human nature under one uniform communistic course, no matter how different the divine Creator has designed the nature of man to be.  We find ourselves to be in a state of emergency!  This has given ample reason for the following major grievances to be listed and presented for public consideration and resolve.  The following is a list of the subjects listed by title under the 12 Grievances:
#1.      The National Defense Authorization Act 
#2.      The General and Complete Disarmament Law
#3.      Installation of the Homeland Security Department (originally called an Agency)
#4.      Dictatorship in Action 
#5.      Federal seizure of the Department of Education
#6.     The complexity of Agenda 21
#7.      Open borders
#8.      Implementation of Adolph Hitler’s methods of operation
#9.     Abortion:  Killing of millions of unborn babies each year
#10.   Foreign aid
#11.   General Plans for our Cities, Counties
#12.   Presidents in tandem for Globalism
The number of grievances is far greater than what can be accommodated here.  The states were designed to hold greater power than the federal government.  Except for a growing number of county sheriffs, no state representative has informed the federal government what few and limited duties the people have granted to them.  James Madison wrote the following in the Federalist Papers:  “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” 
It has to be understood that the president’s office has become the matrix of betrayal.  It is the executive branch of government that is heading the rebellion against the Constitutional system.   Today the executive branch has a pipeline leading directly into every state’s Office of Planning by which it is able to electronically dictate directly to it, ordering state conformance and application of federal mandates lest federal block grant funds are denied.  Use of the Planning, Programming & Budgeting System (PPBS) the building of a dictatorship under a world system has been made possible. The United States has been changed politically, geographically, economically and socially, and its rightful heritage has been denied.
No “consent of the governed” has been taken into consideration.  No state or federal official has railed against the fact that the “check and balance system” is no longer in use. The people have been unknowingly forced to finance this restructuring of our government and the governments of other countries into one-worldism by the improper use of our taxes. 
World government claims to hold “in perpetuity rights” while its operations are contributing to the complete demise of our rightful and proper Constitution and Bill of Rights.  There has even been a plan drafted to teach on how to bring on a collapse of government.  (Refer to “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”.)
Regional government is the pirate system of government that has invaded our country. If the National Defense Authorization Act causes Constitutional people to “disappear” there will be no one left to protect those who are destined to live under the new world global international communist order.  Dictatorships make such moves to perpetuate themselves.
 It is important to remember that under the global system there is no right of individuals to own land.  Private ownership will be eliminated.  This policy of the United Nations against individual ownership of land was laid bare in 1982, and has never been rescinded.  Also there will be no elections for representatives.  The International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations claims the right to move people anywhere in the world to work. These are things you will not be told until it is too late.  If we hope to return to the status of being a “republic” the list of grievances must be addressed.
Solution: The 16th Jurisprudence must be applied.   It states that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been  passed.  Such a state leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.  It imposes no duties, confers no right, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it….An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law.  No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
It can be used to nullify all the pirate “changes” that have been made throughout the years.  We must first train and then elect new representatives to office who understand our true system before we are inextricably and fatally trapped under a world communist system.  We,  the people, must agree together to follow up this Declaration of Rights and Grievances by electing a totally new set of public officials: presidents, congressmen, state governors and other public officials, properly trained and instructed in Constitutional law and its principles before they may hold positions in our government.  Once in office they, themselves, shall immediately act to verify their eligibility to hold office by introducing legislation supported by the power of the 16th Jurisprudence demanding nullification of these laws, executive orders, treaties, acts, conditions, reorganization plans or alignments, etc. that gave rise to the pirate parallel  government.  Communism and world government socialism should once again be outlawed in the United States.   
Inevitably, a global system over the whole world will fail.  That may take a hundred or so years because of military control, but it is inevitable.  Then, many people of the world will be in a calamitous condition trying to reclaim the liberties they so foolishly let slip away. 
Another Solution: Since only a qualified person, natural born, can be allowed to hold office as the president, action must be taken by all those in Congress to disqualify Barack Obama who cannot prove he was natural born.  His impeachment should open up the whole issue of planned damage by the Presidents In Tandem for Globalism.  He is the most updated member of that unconstitutional alliance. 
It was “The People” who ratified the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  These are special documents and they belong to us, “the people.”  The Bill of Rights is not subject to the repeal, rescind, or revoke process.  There is no lawful authority that can take away the contents of the Bill of Rights as it contains endowments from the Creator. God’s endowments are not subject to man’s repeal. No governmental body, no president, nor any other public official can issue an order to abolish our Constitution without our permission.  The Bill of Rights is not subject to repeal, revoke or rescind.  No public official can issue an order to repeal the Bill of Rights.  It is beyond their authority or power.   It is not the people who are causing discontent within our nation; conversely, it is the leadership that is in rebellion against our proper governmental principles within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 
The single-most damaging federal act that is overwhelmingly responsible for the ever increasing world government drive, and the on-going cause for our ever increasing list of grievances, was the signing in 1945 of the act which gave rise to our membership in a ‘United Nations’ group (Refer to the United Nations’ Participation Act of 1945 and Amendments).   It broadened the damage that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration had previously caused by the reorganization laws. 
FDR tried to abolish the states in 1943 when World War II was on.  He wanted to give this effort a priority above the war, but the Congress declared his effort unconstitutional.  This was followed by other devious activity: the United Nations Participation Act.  It is the on-going matrix for all the Constitutional damage and grievances we face today.
The United Nations was not a sovereign body in 1945 and they could not qualify for treaty-making potentials; however, somewhere in about 1970 the U.N. was proclaimed as being sovereign. The United Nations Participation Act must be nullified on the grounds that there was more to it than it was first purposed to do. The intent is to install a world government, destroy our United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  Refer to Rebus Sic Stantibus is the premier method for nullifying a treaty.   There are sufficient grievances to justify its nullification.
Peaceful Action Agreement
Let it be known that We, the people, do protest and reject these twelve malformations of U.S. law-making powers by the federal government, and the drive the United Nations is making to be a world government.    We affirm that there has been ‘no consent of the governed’ to permit any public official or any administration, past or present, to claim successful passage of any, but not limited to, these subversive stealth laws or activities devised to build a world government; nor does any public official possess the power to successfully enact any law, agreement, or treaty in excess or contrary to their Constitutional limit of power, which We, the people,, have Constitutionally granted.
Further, any unconstitutional law, agreement, treaty, or other enactment, past or present, which conflicts with or attempts to destroy our Constitution or our recognized natural rights, including our rights as a republic are null and void.  The 1789 United States Constitution contains principles that are timeless, that are secured by the victories won in the Revolutionary War, and meet with the blessings of the Creator.  They are also confirmed by the Declaration of Independence. 
We believe that our Constitution was written with “in perpetuity” intentions, as witnessed by the Articles of Confederation.   In publishing this Declaration of Rights and Grievances, We, the people,, agree to solve these difficulties in a peaceful manner.   It is our duty and one of our prime rights as a republic to correct our government leaders when they fall into error.  We must bring wide attention to these pertinent facts lest we ourselves be guilty of misprision for our lack of responsibility and neglect of duty. 
We believe that the responsibility falls upon us to save ourselves, our liberty, and our nation, and to maintain our basic right to continue to operate as a republic by keeping the 1789 Constitution and the Bill of Rights intact.  Public officials must possess sincerity when they swear to their oath of office, pledging to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  We have been fooled long enough, but no more.
“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.”     
                                                                                                                 …..John Philpott  Curran
“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty.  Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.  Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force and whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”                                                                                ..…Patrick Henry
Respectfully submitted by:                                                                
We, the people, in the State of                                                             
“Before entering on so grave a matter as the destruction of our national fabric, with all its memories, its benefits, its hopes, would it not be wise to ascertain WHY we do it?  Will you hazard so desperate a step, while there is any possibility that any portion of the ills you fly TO are greater than the ills you fly FROM?  Will you risk the commission of so fearful a mistake?” ….Abraham Lincoln
We, the people, are once again engaged in a great struggle trying to restrain the efforts of unjust, unauthorized, and unconstitutional leadership, which is attempting to force us to abandon our liberty and our 1789 Constitution and then be operated under a world government system.  We are obligated to defend our liberty ourselves, and to reverse the ill gains of those who have sought to destroy our nation’s Constitutional fabric, with all its benefits, limitations, and its rightful protections.  Former and present, once-trusted officials have dared to negate our natural unalienable rights which were endowed upon us by our righteous and divine Creator.   They have been gradually transferring us under a different form of government, which is not with our consent, nor to our liking.  Two completely different governmental systems, total opposites, now occupy the United States. One is our true and rightful system, and the other is a parallel government which was designed to eliminate the great charters instituted by our nation’s founders.  The goal behind this subversion is to deny us the use of liberties, principles and safeguards that were won on our behalf in the Revolutionary War.    
Therefore, the responsibility has fallen upon us, the citizenry, to peacefully resolve and rectify the problems that have been created by this unwanted drive caused by certain individuals and groups engaged in our society, and serving in our government service, who thirst for unlimited socialistic control over their fellow man, using undue and unjust authority to regiment us, the people, and to substitute our birthright of liberty, freedom, independence, and sovereignty with an unwanted militarized command-and-control system: a domineering, world-wide, communized government. Despite the fact it has already been proven that our government operated more efficiently and properly the closer it was held to the people, we are witnessing the effort of these interlopers, who are gradually instituting Hitler-like management techniques over us: a dictatorship.
Officials in the public service of this nation were sworn “to guarantee to every state in this Union a republican form of government and to protect each of them from invasion.”  This guarantee of a republic was entered as Article IV Section 4 of the U. S. Constitution by our nation’s founders. They decreed and ordained in the Constitution that all able-bodied persons be trained to arms, whereupon the guardianship of our republic and other principles, rights and liberties, would be secure, having been vested in and protected by the people themselves.  Our forefathers did not grant us rights.  Conversely, they confirmed that our most essential rights had always existed as unalienable rights, and were an endowment from the Creator, meant to be applied by the people as principles, and laws whenever needed.
All representatives of the people are required to abide by the U. S. Constitution by swearing under oath to give their devoted loyalty to its principles, and promising not to exceed their Constitutional limitations.  They are required to protect our states and our citizens by maintaining an army and a navy to provide for our common defense, which is to be kept under the people’s exclusive national control and command.  They are also required to protect our right to own land and to guard our borders against undue immigration.  They are required to protect our right to life including the ability to be able to be born once conceived.  They are required to protect our right to freedom of speech and of the press, and our right to vote for issues and representatives or to recall them when necessary, and to have the right to a trial by a jury of our peers.  They are required to maintain a well-regulated militia, composed of the whole body of the people, which is necessary to the security of a free state.  Having the right to vote proves that  the people were meant to be the ultimate authority. The founders themselves drafted the president’s oath of office, and included it in the Constitution as Article II Section 1 to insure that all the power being given to the president would be placed in the hands of a Constitutionally loyal person.  Also included under this oath requirement are members of the federal and state legislatures and their judicial branches, including the states’ executive branch.  All were sworn to obey all the principles within the Constitution and its amendments as the “supreme law of the land” which they have not done!  According to the Constitution, to do otherwise constitutes rebellion against the laws of the United States. 
Therefore, in a peaceful manner, we are obliged to list herein 12 grievances that they have caused by the rebellion they have conducted and the gradual disregard of our rightful Constitutional principles and laws.
Grievance #1.       The National Defense Authorization Act  (NDAA) :  Recently, legislation has been passed by both houses of Congress, and has been signed by President Barack Obama, which can cause people to be rounded up by government hirelings and quietly made to disappear from the face of the earth, without a hearing, a trial or an investigation. (Refer to the potential in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Sections 1031 and 1032)  Although at present the Act supposedly exempts citizens of the United States, a minor change, deleting that one-line sentence in this law could cause American citizens who have criticized the government in Washington, D.C., or protested against the damage being done to our rightful system, to be included in such a round up. Criticism of the government will be considered as grounds that these criticizing people are “terrorists”.   The charge will be handled in such a manner that will discountenance any objection by the general population.  If this happens, the opposition to the enforcement of global world communism will no longer exist!  There will be no one left with the knowledge and proofs to expose what is to happen to all those who are eventually destined to live under the new militarized global  world order.
Sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA introduces the federal government’s ability to arrest and incarcerate without trial or public notice any person who objects to the federal government’s management policies.  Restricted now (only by a single typed line) is a caveat, exempting American citizens, which can be removed at any future time and leave the wording in three separate places of this legislation.  The potential is present to easily dismiss the single line caveat and convert the authority to arrest and do away with any person – even an American citizen -- if the person objects to the federal government’s global management policies and conversion to world government.  The NDAA could be easily changed to grant this power to the world government “planners” – to seize any person – as these two words (any person) are written  a number of times.  Some proponents of the measure in Congress did not want to include the caveat exempting American citizens, but they had to allow it, in order to get the legislation passed out of both houses.  The reported plan (that the federal government “planners” intend to kill off many Americans, possibly even 25 million Americans) is still bandied about.  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) endangers all gun owning citizens.
Grievance #2.             The General and Complete Disarmament Law - Appalling legislation, written to totally disarm the people of the United States was passed years ago. It is chaptered as a federal law, unbeknown to the people.  It is kept active by funding and is titled as Public Law 87-297.  It can be fully seen by locating it on the Internet.  Every citizen will be disarmed, except for the world government troops who are assigned the duty “to keep order”.   P. L. 87-297 was signed into law by John Kennedy after the Congress passed it in September of 1961.  Its various amendments, including Public Law 101-216, are continually funded by Congress.  It has caused our military bases to be closed or realigned, beneficial to world troop use.  P. L. 87-297 also transfers the entire national armed forces of the United States on a permanent basis under the United Nations organization, and our nation will have no common defense.  All privately held firearms will be confiscated, and ordered to be handed over to the Surrender Agency.  This law will not allow any American citizen the right to own a gun.  There will be no right to recall these public officials, as all representatives will be appointed, chosen by the communist-thinking leaders of the world government system.  An approval from the people of their permission for the government to completely disarm them of all handguns is falsely being claimed by the federal government.  The fact is that it is a counterfeited document which the anti-gunners wrote and inserted in a book that the people had once approved.   (Refer to Page 340 Report)
Grievance #3.             Installation of the Homeland Security Department (originally called an Agency):  It breaks the guarantee in the Constitution of a republican form of government, and it has changed the U.S.A. from being a republic into a dictatorship, because the military and the civilian law enforcement systems have now been merged together under one agency head, something that cannot be done in a country that intends to remain a republic.  This merger constitutes the deliberate casting of the U.S.A. from a republic into a dictatorship.  The people do not realize the effect of this “department”.  
Grievance #4.        Dictatorship in Action  We have a president who has refused to prove that he is qualified to hold office by being natural born. His grandmother has announced that he was born in Kenya, Africa, and she was there in the delivery room when he was born.  After it was evident that he was elected, Barack Obama informed the nation that “....in five days we will fundamentally change America.”  This warning meant that he intended from the onset to alter essentials of the system, which he did by advancing the Homeland Security Agency, appointing Czars, wanting a private army to surround him and forcing a socialistic National Health Medical System upon the people which controls the lives of the people from cradle-to-grave.  The medical system in the future will decide whether an individual has a right to continue living after a certain age or existing medical condition.  Changes he has made under the Homeland Security Department are such that Washington, D.C. now controls almost all law enforcement officials in the United States, all the way down to the beat officer in local communities, something the states should have objected to, but did not!  Under the full blown world government system all the police will be fully militarized.  Appointed officials, that are non-elected, will rule in the dictatorship, and will have more authority over the lives of the people than our elected officials ever had. Also, under regionalism, we may expect all state boundary lines to disappear. State governments will eventually lose their significance as world management develops.  Note: We are grateful that there is a growing number of County Sheriffs who understand State Sovereignty (Tenth Amendment) and do remember their oath of office.
Grievance #5.             Federal seizure of the Department of Education:  Christianity is gradually being outlawed in the public schools, and the right to raise our children in a free educational  atmosphere is being denied. Atheism will rule and deny our children the teachings of our nation’s founders and our Christian beliefs, which recognize that the world belongs to God.  There will eventually be a denial that our rights come from the divine Creator.  All children will be taught the message of globalism.   Our public libraries are being subjected to the replacement of books that once memorialized our sacred religious practices and values, and are substituted with those containing altered and debased views which favor global attitudes.
Grievance #6.             The complexity of Agenda 21:  The intent of this Agenda is to gradually eliminate our 50 state governments, and in their place, have ten international regions delivering world communist policies and leadership over the former U.S.A.  Individual freedom will be stripped away.  “Sustainable Development” integrates the United Nations economic, social, and environmental policies for “social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity”.  This includes universal health care, global education, and global population control, global land use with its restrictions against individuals owning land, all under one international authority.  It harmonizes U. S. Environment policy with United Nations’ socialistic directives while it “reinvents” our U.S. government!   The disarmed citizens of the United States will be monitored by a world army under the World-wide Military Command and Control Systems.   Note: This is what has happened to our tax money.
Grievance #7.             Open borders: There is a law suit brought on by the federal government against the State of Arizona as that state tried to make up for the lack of federal responsibility toward border security. Their governor opposes the flood of immigrants there. The increase of illegal immigrants, and the cost of adding 40 million more people for our taxes to provide the expenses and the costs they incur, has added to the near bankruptcy condition of our states and federal systems.  Leaving our national borders open also assists in the planning for the “North American Union” which did not succeed as yet.  It merges Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A. together in one “union” operated by appointed officials that cannot be recalled or voted out. One can envision the damage this will do to the Constitutions of these three nations.  Our borders were left open to illegal immigrants in order to make increases in the population of people who have not been trained in Constitutional principles.  They will eventually end up voting for socialists at the polls.  Many illegal immigrants continue to come here to sell drugs.  Open borders allow crime to increase so that more American citizens will be less concerned as to what is happening to our country but more concerned to that which is happening to their own property. 
Grievance #8.             Implementation of Adolph Hitler’s methods of operation: The following excerpt will give the people a more clear picture of how the U.S.A. reached this low ebb that is now causing them great shock and suffering.  A system analyst has reported: “After the collapse of the German Third Reich, not only did the United States pick up Adolph Hitler’s scientists, but the U. S. “planners” received a tremendous augmentation when in 1945 they rummaged over what was left of Hitler’s Third Reich.  The U.S. retrieved the inductive type of reasoning and logic that was used to operate that totalitarian government, and the “planners” seized upon the thoroughness of Hitler’s dictatorial management systems.  A lot of these elementary concepts were taken up by the U.S. Air Force and were amalgamated within the prerogative of their responsibilities which at that time resulted in the setting up of what we now call the Military Standards 499 Systems, defined as a systematic process (a methodology) of solving sequential problems.    The result is that 99% of the lower practitioners of these final systems, engineering techniques and methodologies – with their short and long range plannings, are completely unaware – are completely oblivious to the fact of where or why these concepts were developed.  Many of our government employee “planners” are deploying techniques about which they realize little or nothing of its source or intention.  They get the parameters and details of the tasks they have to perform only, but they are not given, nor do they understand, the total integrated picture. Whenever the whole thing is in place, the United States Constitutional government system will be overthrown and replaced by a total military government.  The people who worked in the systems will little understand how their part fit into the complete system; nor how they assisted in overthrowing their own government.” 
Grievance #9.   Abortion:  Killing of millions of unborn babies each year. It is noteworthy to state that at least 50 million unborn babies have been killed in the womb wiping out an entire generation of people, the effect of which will be a damaging factor to the stability of the social security system. 
Grievance #10.   Foreign aid:  Our tax money has been used to help destabilize the governments of foreign countries, which is a part of world government planning, as it makes the recipient country ripe for communism.  At the same time such monetary grants in the federal budget are partly responsible for bankrupting our own country and adding to a plan for its collapse.    Refer to a government issued document called “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”.
Grievance #11     General Plans for our Cities, Counties:  The fragile flower of incentive does not thrive in totally planned economies with federally mandated elements, such as those which have been occurring.  Known as the Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (P.P.B.S.) and Management by Objectives (M.B.O.) the federal government has concentrated all power in Washington, D.C.  It has been revamping the policies and direction of our nation for world government management by requiring adherence to federally mandated elements as a part of the “General Plan” of our cities, counties, and states for many long years.   Agenda 21 links in with it.  These elements were forced to be adopted or the city or county would have lost its federal funding, which is unfair to them and the states.  At the same time, only a few states have put forth resistance, while our children have been subjected to global indoctrination in all levels of education for future participation in this new world order.  
Grievance #12.           Presidents in tandem for Globalism:  Massive blame for the weakening of our sovereignty can be laid at the doorstep of the Oval Office.  Each and every president since F.D.R. has participated in the betrayal and each administration has provided a major segment in the restructuring for world government leadership.   The title of “Presidents In Tandem for Globalism” fits each president since 1932.  F.D.R. moved from theory to implementation of the plan for the overthrowing of the 1789 Constitution.  Each president since has been given an assignment of “changes” to be made during his administration.  For example: President John Kennedy’s assignment was to abolish our right to keep and bear arms and to transfer our national armed forces on a permanent basis under the command and control of the United Nations.  This he did with Public Law 87-297. The American people stand to lose their right to have a military for common national defense.  President Richard M. Nixon’s assignment was to officially cut the United States into Ten “Standard Federal Regions.” Regional alignments were also laid over other countries all over the world, allowing planning and future management to be made on a world-wide basis. This Nixon did by enacting presidential Executive Order No. 11647, and because of it, the United States is being managed by resolutions and dictates coming from the United Nations General Assembly.  President James Carter’s assignment was to lead the U. S. into giving up control of the Panama Canal and now the communist Chinese have taken control of it.  President Ronald Reagan’s assignments were the installation of the P.P.B.S., the Courts-Martial (Instruction) Manual, the World-wide Military Command and Control System, and signing of the UNIDO Treaty giving consent for the United States to have a new social and economic order.  (Refer to Treaty 97-19) President George W. Bush’s assignment was to issue several Executive Orders to cause the republic to be converted for operation as a dictatorship which was first named the “Homeland Security Agency” (See E. O. 13286 dated February 2003 – signed by George W. Bush, which merged the military and the civilian law enforcement systems together under one head. ) 
President Barack Obama’s assignments were to enhance the executive orders of George W. Bush and develop the military dictatorship which then became known as the Homeland Security “Department”.  The military and the civilian law enforcement systems (the police, all over the whole United States, which rightfully belong under the control of their own respective state) are now merged together under one federal agency for federal militarized management.  This is never done in a republic IF it is to remain a republic! The federal government long ago had consolidated all power in Washington, D.C., which quite easily made the U.S. president a very powerful world dictator.  Presently, Obama has a series of “czars” running the federal government, subject only to the dictatorship of Barack Obama.  Other presidents were assigned the acceptance of the communist “Human Rights Treaties” which are replacements for our own Bill of Rights.  Our federal officials regard the world court’s decisions as final, even above the Constitution, which is supposed to be known as the “Supreme Law of Our Land.”  The way the country is operating, this apparently is no longer the case.     
We have had pretenders as presidents and a compromised Congress for too long.  The few congressmen who did try to alert the people of the existence of this parallel world government system were never given proper consideration and their pleadings ended.  Only a few officials today will assist in correcting these failings, unless We, the people, make known the sort and extent of the damages and wrong doings that hold us in its grip. The end to meaningful elections is near, as the world regions and the United States will soon be manned by “appointees” who are not elected, but appointed.
A deliberately planned total collapse of government and irreversible bankruptcy will soon overtake us if the above grievances are not met with corrective solutions. All the grievances have the same underlying basis: too much power being taken by the federal government and used for unauthorized unconstitutional purposes.   Too much money also has been sent to Washington, D.C. which has given the federal government the ability to force the states to fall in line with the undesired world system of government,  lest they be denied federal “revenue sharing” money to finance federally mandated (required) programs for “change”.
We, the people, own the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because We, the people, ratified both charters.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights belong to us, the people.  No authorization has ever been issued or okayed by the “owners of the Constitution” (We, the people,) to allow for abandoning the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence; nor changing the United States into a dictatorship under a world government.  These precious documents are really still the “supreme law of the land”.  They prove that the ultimate authority still lies with the people of the United States of America.
Without the resistance the Congress should have delivered, but failed to do, and by having compromised state governors elected over the states, with few exceptions, we now suffer from a lack of foresight and fortitude in preventing conditions that never should have occurred.  
“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.”     
                                                                                                                 …..John Philpott Curran
“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty.  Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force and whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”                                                                                                   ..…Patrick Henry
Respectfully submitted by:                                                                 
We, the people, in the State of