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Is This Hate Speech? Facebook Thinks So 

For those who say that we don’t need special laws to protect religious freedom, because, well, we have the 1st Amendment, and that the freedoms of speech, religion, and the press will never, could NEVER, be infringed in America…please read on.
A Steve Deace listener named Randy Davis was banned from Facebook today for posting “hate speech.” He received a message that stated he’d violated the site’s policies and would temporarily be blocked from using the platform. He shared with us the post that sparked the ban.

Here’s what Facebook didn’t want you to read. Is it really hate speech? Does it deserve to be silenced?
It’s time for sleeping Christians and traditional American’s to awaken before they drive America off of a cliff to which there is no bottom.
If ever there was a “hill to die on” for conservatives, it is the issue of religious freedom. The Arizona bill currently in the news will bring this discussion to the forefront once again, and it appears even many in the GOP are bowing to this false narrative. As is usually the case, the arguments coming from the left (and some in the GOP) always include gays “are born that way” along with “why does everyone seem to zero in on homosexuality and gay “marriage” instead of focusing on lots of other sins?”
A person is born white, black, female, male, Hispanic, Oriental–that is something you have no control over. Taking your pants off to have sex is a choice. Sin is sin in God’s eyes. No sin is greater than another. The sin of homosexuality is no more or no less a sin than murder, adultery, stealing, lying, gossiping, or gluttony.
The reason this sin is being singled out and addressed is because most who commit it, are proud of their sin and promote it as an “acceptable” lifestyle.
People who commit adultery do not have parades to celebrate their sin. People who commit murder do not have political action committees to make murder legal and socially acceptable. People who steal do not have high school clubs and try to teach children that stealing is acceptable behavior.
Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God and is something to be ashamed of, not proud of. Theologically this is not even a debatable issue. All through the Bible, from the Old Testament through the New, homosexuality is defined by God as a sin, period. God calls it “an abomination.” I have heard the tortured theological arguments homosexuals have made, but there is absolutely no way to change the fact this act is a sin, because God calls it a sin.
Like Jesus, a person can love the sinner while hating the sin. It is impossible for a true Christian believer who loves his fellow man to put their stamp of approval on gay “anything” because in so doing we would be waving an approving good bye to those caught up in this sin as they ride a conveyor belt directly into Hell.
In reality, the Bible calls for a balance between what some people think are two opposing reactions–condemnation and compassion. Really, the two together are essential elements of biblical love, and that’s something the homosexual sinner desperately needs.
Homosexual advocates have been remarkably effective in selling their warped interpretations of passages in Scripture that address homosexuality. When you ask a homosexual what the Bible says about homosexuality–and many of them know–they have digested an interpretation that is not only warped, but also completely irrational.
Pro-homosexual arguments from the Bible are nothing but smokescreens–as you come close, you see right through them. God’s condemnation of homosexuality is abundantly clear–He opposes it in every age.
          As Christians, we must not compromise what the Bible says about homosexuality–ever. No matter how much you desire to be compassionate to the homosexual, your first sympathies belong to the Lord and to the exaltation of His righteousness.
Homosexuals stand in defiant rebellion against the will of their Creator who from the beginning “made them male and female” (Matthew 19:4).
Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by homosexual advocates along with politicians and their futile reasoning-their arguments are without substance.
Homosexuals, and those who advocate that sin, are fundamentally committed to overturning the Lordship of Christ in this world. But their rebellion is useless, for the Holy Spirit says,
“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God” (1Corinthians 6:9-10; cf. Galatians 5:19-21).
So, what is God’s response to the homosexual agenda?
Certain and final judgment. To claim anything else is to compromise the truth of God and deceive those who are perishing.
God’s plan for homosexuals is that they come to salvation along with former fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, coveters, drunkards, revilers, and swindlers. Remember, such were some of us, too.
Truth does not change because it can’t. Some may ask “Is God finished with America?” I can’t answer that one, but it appears more and more Americans are finished with God- in much the same way it appears the GOP may be finished with their base.
Facebook is a publicly-traded, private business. Gigantically successful, nigh ubiquitous in modern life, and highly personalized…but still a private business, operating a platform for personal expression.
So this private business shut down service to a customer, because they disagreed with him on human sexuality. Better call Jan Brewer and the tolerance police: that’s discrimination!
Oh, right. It’s only discrimination when Christians say, “no.”
When any other business says, “no,” Christians can say nothing. Because we’ve already been silenced. The debate, as they say, is”over,” because only one side is allowed speak up. Now, you’ll be made to care…or made to be quiet.


Convicted Terrorist Worked as Obamacare Navigator in Illinois 
 A woman involved in deadly terror bombings in Israel kept her past secret from authorities.

A terrorist from Jordan briefly worked as an Obamacare navigator in Illinois while authorities remained unaware of her conviction for involvement in a deadly grocery store bombing and two other attacks.
Rasmieh Yousef Odeh was convicted in Israel for her role in several bombings, including the 1969 attack on an upscale Shufersol grocery store, which killed two Hebrew University students who had stopped in to buy groceries for a hiking trip in the Jerusalem hills. Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe were killed by a bomb hidden in a candy box tucked on a shelf, which also injured nine or 10 others, according to a website maintained by the Israeli government to commemorate terror victims.
The Illinois Department of Insurance quietly revoked Odeh’s certification as a Navigator In-Person Counselor on November 24, explaining in a disciplinary report that the decision was “based on an investigation which revealed that she had been convicted in Israel for her role in the bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem and failed to reveal the conviction on her application.”
The Illinois DOI conducts background checks on navigators. National Review Online obtained the comprehensive Federal Bureau of Investigation background report for Odeh, which does not note any past criminal offenses.

According to the director of insurance’s Oct. 25, 2013, revocation letter, the Department of Insurance found out about Odeh’s history after the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Michigan, notified the public about her prior convictions.
Odeh, who has as many as nine aliases, was indicted in October for allegedly lying on her U.S. immigration and naturalization application papers. On Dec. 9, 2004, she had been sworn in as a U.S. citizen in a district court in Michigan, the same state where bombing victim Kanner had spent six months studying English. If Odeh is convicted, she could lose her U.S. citizenship and serve up to 10 years in prison. Separately, the Illinois Insurance Code permits civil penalties to be levied after a hearing on any Obamacare navigator whose certificate has been denied, suspended or revoked.
Odeh declined NRO’s interview request.

When Odeh was 21 years old, she was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Marxist-Leninist group and original member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which the U.S. has designated as a foreign terrorist organization, according to the indictment.
On Feb. 21, 1969, PFLP members planted bombs at the Shufersol supermarket, as well as the British Consulate in Jerusalem. “One of the supermarket bombs malfunctioned and did not detonate,” the indictment says, adding that “the bomb left in the courtyard of the British consulate was discovered and removed to a safe place.” Less than a week later, the indictment says, the PFLP members left another bomb at the British Consulate, which detonated but caused only structural damage.
On March 1, 1969, Odeh and four others were arrested for these bombings. According to a Nov. 19 discovery notice, a military court in Israel convicted her for membership in an illegal organization, as well as for participating in all three bombings. Odeh was sentenced to life in prison, the indictment says.
In a 2004 documentary, Women in Struggle, a woman named Ayesha Oudeh—identified in news reports as either Rasmieh Odeh’s sister or her “comrade” – said in an interview: “Rasmiyeh Oudeh was more involved than I was [in the grocery store bombing] … I only got involved during the preparation of explosives. We wanted to place two bombs to blow up consecutively. I suggested to have the second bomb go off 5 or 6 minutes after the first bomb so that those who get killed in it would be members of the army and secret service, but it did not explode. They diffused it 20 seconds before it exploded.”

Rasmieh Odeh, who was also interviewed for the documentary, claims she was tortured after her arrest.  Describing one particular incident, she said: “This increases my hatred against those who were responsible. Why? I am not the person responsible, the occupation is.”
After 10 years in prison and one failed escape attempt, Odeh was released and transferred to Lebanon as part of a prisoner swap, the indictment says.

Jillian Kay Melchior writes for National Review as a Thomas L. Rhodes Fellow for the Franklin Center. She is also a senior fellow for the Independent Women’s Forum
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New World Order?

I read an article this morning concerning a survey about the religiosity of the millennial generation ---- you know the millennial generation is the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002, well it appears that that they are having none of it. Not surprising, because of the onslaught of negativity in the past few years.

One can say that all generations go through this ebb and flow concerning Faith, however, it is quite a bit more serious today. The main symptom, of this problem is the incessant polls and the increasing reliance of these polls to dictate public policy, moral and ethical compass, compassion and direction. The human being is naturally a "herd follower" and therefore they have a tendency to "follow fashion" not wanting to "stick out". The independent thoughts of the singular individual is often attacked by the herd, the person excoriated and shunned. Even if the person might have a brilliant moral revelation or idea that runs counter to the "group thought" or what the polls tell you about WHAT the group is thinking.

The past 5 years have proved that America has become "fundamentally changed". In some ways for the better. I enjoy the efficiency of technology. Absolutely. I can think of something, research it with lightening speed and find the answer. That is the good side, the problem is when you combine "group think and the lack of Faith" with polls and you remove Faith, replacing it with the latest thing that everyone is doing...... you get a "mess". Now hang with me for a moment and let me give you two examples...... The first being ObamaCare and the second Marriage Equality. And then something called "Fairness and Equality".

OK, picture a world in which there are NO boundaries of right and wrong, because in the absence of some form of Judeo-Cristian ethos, everything can be right or wrong depending upon the whims or fashion of the people. Atheists tend to argue to the contrary and no-doubt one or two will call me "crazy or stupid" but well .... who cares. Man has no reason nor inclination to set boundaries for himself or herself. Without boundaries, they do whatever it is that makes them satisfied. Just like the animals. The physician of today and yesterday faced decisions of Faith everyday. Most of them have/had a personal bond to their patients, and would make decisions accordingly. It was personal. But what happens when the government appoints a board of individuals, making cold decisions about a broad spectrum of people. Then who will care individually about the 59 year old Parkinson's patient, beloved by his wife of 25 years. Will any ONE person risk the wrath of the appointed group to have Mercy for this one person? Or the physician who delivers a premature baby and works valiantly to make sure that the baby lives. What happens when your health care and your ability to continue life is not based upon the Hippocratic Oath of each individual doctor towards EACH patient but upon the "economic viability" of the "class of people"....... In other words, suppose your ticket added up to "too old"; "too sick"; "not worth this operation or that operation".

Picture a world of "Marriage Equality"..... total marriage equality. Picture a world in which the beginning of this "Marriage Equality" is a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman. Remove the Bible or any Judeo-Christian guidelines.The next most logical frontier WILL be plural unions. One man many wives; one woman, many husbands. Brothers marry sisters, fathers marry daughters .... Then the next step is removing the boundaries of age. That has already occurred with the morning after pill available for "women of all ages" --- and if that age might be 9 or 10...... so be it. A "baby woman gotto do what she gotto do". You see, marriage quality, it can be argued, can and WILL be extended to permutations known to man. Because without boundaries, the human mind knows no limits and no decency. That is because decency is only a concept. And if that concept of decency and respect has no influence on the feelings of the surveyed groups, polls or group-think then the people will move as a herd to embrace the consensus.

Finally picture a world of perceived fairness..... The doctor and the janitor taking home the same pay. The mobs attacking your home because "you have too much". What is the incentive to work, what is the incentive to innovate. You get paid to stay home, to find yourself or lose yourself in the haze of opiates and marijuana. Suppose schools no longer carried books, words were placed on digital devices and history was abandoned or altered to reflect the current leader's point of view. Picture a world of no political opposition, picture a "new world order" complete with standardized education and the permanent separation of God from the individual. A world where 70 percent of babies conceived are aborted and "after birth abortion" (infanticide) is contemplated in a top scholarly journal. A world in which decency is driven out and fairness only exist when one embraces carnality and displays only the lascivious. And imagine a world where you are not able to tell the emperor that he has no clothes because you fear retribution and persecution.

This is the "fundamentally changed" America. And it should be no surprise then that solid majorities of millennials describe Christianity as "hypocritical" and "judgmental." Without it, however, there is a dark place where man lives only by utility and need, where lives are dictated by one and rules are imposed by groups. But you know, as I have said before, there is nothing new under the sun. We have been through these permutations before, and civilizations have not only failed, but been replaced by something darker and more perverse. It is our duty to teach the truth, even when you feel no one is listening. Utopia is not attainable without boundaries.

1 Chronicles 28:20
David also said to Solomon his son, "Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.


"The Red Terror"

  -A Socialist / Communist Atheist Movement in Ethiopia.
“One of the most systematic uses of mass murder, by the state, ever witnessed in Africa“
-Human Rights Watch

“Finally, (to maximize the pain) they started putting water on me - then after that when they hit you, your skin starts cracking, and the blood starts coming out”
(for days afterward, she couldn’t even walk to the toilet)
-Hirut Abebe-Jiri was in her early teens when Emperor Haile Selassie was overthrown.

In 1974, Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam, aided by Fidel Castro and Cuba, overthrew Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie and emerged as its newly installed ,
Communist Party leader.

Mengistu and a group of about 120 armed forces members known as the Dergue, meaning ‘the committee’, abolished the Parliament and suspended the Constitution.
The Communists had stated their principle commitment was equality for all.
They said they were the peoples party, reassuring everyone that no blood would be shed.
This was to be a bloodless takeover.

But, as with all Communists / Socialists:

This was a lie.

Obtaining and retaining power is all they were after.
This would be done using any means necessary.
The Dergue began its rule by executing sixty senior officials before a firing squad.
(The Emperor himself was executed while on house arrest.)
As a Marxist / Socialist organization, the Dergue nationalized all land using the slogan: “Land to the tiller of the soil” .
They also created urban units called “kebeles”. They were to run all the nationalized land, collect taxes, and serve as surveillance units.

In 1976 Col. Mengistu gave a perfect picture of what was to come.
A campaign that he officially called:
The "Red Terror."
In front of a huge crowd in the capital city, Addis Ababa, bottles filled with a red blood like liquid, representing the blood of the "imperialists" and the "counter-revolutionaries," were angrily thrown and smashed all over the ground !
Giving everyone a true picture of what was coming.

The slaughter of the innocent !

The government officially announced; “Qey Shibir yi fafam”
-The “Red Terror will spread’.

Tens of thousands of young men and women turned up dead in the streets of the capital and other cities in the following two years.
In October 1977 alone , looking for "counter-revolutionaries," Red Terror officials conducted two major house to house searches that lasted for days. Those killed were placed on display in the streets with posters on their corpses stating they were enemies of the revolution. The security forces, "kebeles", dumped excess dead bodies along the side of the road and piled them on street corners.
They also required families to pay them the price of bullets, used to kill family members, in order to obtain their bodies for burial.
Some victims were even forced to dig their own graves before being murdered.

Children were also became the target of the “kebeles”
“Save the Children” stated that in early 1978 alone, 1,000 children, many under thirteen, whom the government labeled as ‘liaison agents of the counter revolutionaries’ were executed.

The campaigns unleashed by the Dergue deliberately targeted civilians and were filled with inhumane violence, torture and murder.

Hundreds of thousands died.

The official “Red Terror” campaign was from 1977-78.
But, the terror would continue for years!.
Here’s a video:

Mengistu fled to Zimbabwe in 1991.
In December 2006, Mengistu Haile Mariam was convicted, in absentia, of genocide for his role in the “Red Terror”.

On May 26th, 2008 he was sentenced to death.

Mengistu still resides in Zimbabwe today.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch estimates that over 500,000 people were killed during the Ethiopian Communist “Red Terror”.
Some estimates, are as high as 1.285 million dead.

This is just one more example, to go along with the numerous others, that shows the historical results of what ALWAYS happens with a Communist / Socialist form of government.
Same thing,
different day !
It Never changes.

“Know the History”
Here is a post by a wife of a Connecticut Police officer who is just sick about what is happening in her State:

30,000 brave Connecticut patriots have chosen to defy the unconstitutional gun laws enacted by our legislature and signed into law by our governor. By refusing to register weapons they already legally own, they have willingly become felons in their support of the Constitution of the United States of America and their right to defend themselves given by God.

There... has already been discussion in the state government about the possibility that the state will use gun purchase records to track down and confiscate those weapons, arresting the owners as the "felons" this new law says they have become. I wish I could claim to be as brave as they. Even if we owned such a weapon, my husband's status as a law enforcement officer exempts him from the statute.


PATRIOTS: My question to you is this: if they come for the patriots in Ct...if you see a snippet about an arrest on your local news channel, if you see multiple cries for help on facebook, if the constitution is flaunted and officials wearing state or federal uniforms come to illegally imprison your countrymen... "WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO"


- Capt. Karl

#guns #guncontrol #freedom #Connecticut #gunregistration #liberty #Rights #constitution #BillOfRights #2ndAmendment
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Afghan Muslim Threatens Canadian Woman With Murder and Acid Attack for Refusing Forced Marriage 

An Afghan property broker allegedly threatened to kill a businesswoman if she does not marry him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. 

GS, 30, Canadian, who was originally an Afghan citizen, was in London when MH, 43, proposed marriage to her over the phone. 

“He tried to convince me that he will be a good husband, saying he had money and power. When I did not show interest in the proposal, he threatened to kill me by sending someone from Afghanistan and that he could organise a road ‘accident’ to kill me. 

“When I came to Dubai in August, he resumed threatening to disfigure my face by pouring acid water on my face so that no one would marry me. He threatened to destroy my life and business. Those threats were either made directly to me or to mother back home and my brother,” she told investigators. 

Her brother HS, 26, while on a visit to Dubai, received a phone call from the accused threatening to kill his sister. “When I got his call  in a conference hall, my sister heard the whole conversation before intervening and telling the accused that she will lodge a complaint with the police,” testified the brother. 

The Court will reconvene on March 20.

Teenage Jihadists, Car Burnings and Muslim-Only Cemeteries

Obama Immigration Rules Favor Muslims over Christians 

If any group was less deserving of the safety and security of the leader of the free world, it's jihadists slaughtering non-Muslims. And yet this group is first on line.
Obama has opened the gates to a flood of terror-linked Muslim immigrants, the size of which will ensure poor vetting of backgrounds.

The effect of mass Muslim immigration.
What are the numbers of Muslims coming into the US from jihad nations under the Obama administration? And why aren't the victims being given the opportunity to escape the vicious and bloody jihad by Islamic supremacists?
coptic christians
"Obama's New Asylum Decree Favors Muslims Over Christians," Investor's Business Daily: Investors Business Daily, February 23, 2014
Immigration: As President Obama offers asylum to "minor" terrorists providing "limited" material support to terrorism, he's slamming shut the door on thousands of Christians fleeing terrorism in Muslim lands like Egypt.
In another end-run around Congress, President Obama has unilaterally eased immigration requirements for foreigners linked to terrorism.
He ordered the State Department and Homeland Security to ignore a post-9/11 law barring entry to those giving political or charitable aid to Hamas and other known terrorist groups.
A dozen years after the horrific attacks on our nation by foreign Islamic terrorists, the Obama administration has decided a little support to foreign Islamic terrorists is OK.
Treasonous as it sounds, the president is following through on a little-noticed overture he made to Muslims in his Cairo speech of 2009, when he suggested he'd relax enforcement of material support laws involving "zakat," or Islamic charitable giving.
He basically apologized for the Bush administration's locking up the founders of the largest Muslim charity in America for sending millions to "zakat committees" linked to Hamas.
Of course, his move weakens, yet again, America's security. By exempting five kinds of limited material support for terrorism, Obama instantly purges more than 4,000 suspects from the U.S. terror watch list and opens our borders up to both them and their families.

Not to worry, Homeland Security says, it'll run additional security checks before letting them in.
Oh? Like the checks run on the Tsarnaev family, who also got into the country on asylum claims? Those security checks?
Forgive the survivors and the families of those who died in the Boston bombings if they're not reassured.
Taking a chance on foreign nationals already suspected of aiding and abetting terrorists only puts Americans at greater risk. Yet the president is ordering immigration authorities to ignore red flags.
He suggests too many innocent Muslims seeking a better life here, including Palestinian "refugees," have been "unfairly" excluded by Draconian post-9/11 immigration laws. Says who? Islamist lobbyist groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who claim Palestinian terrorists are "freedom fighters"?
At the same time Obama opens the floodgates to them, he's closing our borders to Christians fleeing persecution by Muslims in Egypt, Iraq and other Mideast countries.
Displaced Palestinians have plenty of places they can resettle in the Mideast.
The options for Christians, on the other hand, are limited. The U.S. may be their best chance for refuge from violence and for religious freedom.
Yet the State Department has rejected virtually all of the 20,000 asylum applications from Coptic Christians trying to escape Egypt since the toppling of its pro-American regime.
Meanwhile, it's welcoming terrorist supporters pushed out by Cairo's renewed military crackdown on the Brotherhood.
Thanks to Obama's new rule, these escaping Islamist troublemakers will be able to set up shop inside America and practice their jihadism with virtual impunity.
If the president doesn't like rampant rumors he's a "secret Muslim," or that he's doing the bidding of his Muslim Brotherhood-tied brother Malik, he should stop making sympathetic gestures that feed them.

False Flag Operations Exposed: New Snowden Leaks Show How Spy Agencies Disrupt & Discredit Dissent 

New Snowden leaks show how spy agencies disrupts, discredits dissent and sets up false flag operations.
In a new leaked document, journalist Glenn Greenwald exposes how the UK's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) uses questionable tactics to infiltrate, disrupt and discredit voices the government doesn't agree with.

The document, entitled "The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations," reveals shady practices like using "honey traps" that may start as Internet dating, but the PowerPoint also points to in-person meetings to discredit the subject.

Other findings include "false flag" operations (undertaking malicious actions and making it look like the work of a group they wish to discredit), the application of social sciences like sociology and psychology to disrupt and steer online activist discussions, lure targets into compromising sexual situations, deploy malicious software and virus and post lies about targets in order to discredit them.
According to NBC News, the British government, when asked about the document, would not confirm or deny the report: "All of GCHQ's work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework," said the statement, "which ensure[s] that our activities are authorized, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight, including from the Secretary of State, the Interception and Intelligence Services Commissioners and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. All of our operational processes rigorously support this position."
Greenwald points out in an article on The Intercept that targets of these aggressive actions did not have to be charged with — or convicted of — a crime.

One of those groups targeted by these tactics were members of Anonymous, the internet hacktivist collective.
As Anonymous expert Gabriella Coleman of McGill University told Greenwald, "targeting Anonymous and hacktivists amounts to targeting citizens for expressing their political beliefs, resulting in the stifling of legitimate dissent."
When will we be like Egypt?

For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in Hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom the children of God. Rom 8 20-21

It is beginning to look like President Obama has a “kick me” sign on his back. After China and Putin gives ...him the collectivist finger over the Snowden extradition, now the Egyptians give his handpicked terrorist the heave ho. It looks like the rest of the world is tired of him and his Marxist friends and have finally woken up. The Obamedia will be selling it as the religious intolerance of Islamic rule, but the truth of their revolution was the Marxism which is the political foundation of the Mooselimb Brotherhood.

To imagine the Egyptians are more politically awake than the American left is pretty amazing. This collapse was predicted by most to the Right of McCain, that Obama's saddling up with the Brotherhood would not end well, but liberals think they are smarter than anyone on the planet. Obama’s arrogance has killed an Ambassador and innocent Americans in Libya, has us hated in Syria and now he is the most hated man in Egypt a mere four years after his apology speech to the Pyramids. How smart is that? Add to that is his fading popularity at home and in a few months he may wish he was Egyptian President Morsi. He even had to suspend his one claim to fame, Obamacare to make sure there were not Cairo type riots in DC when people saw the cost of free healthcare. Someone has to pay for it and that someone is the American people.

The point which is not being explained by this latest coup is the fact that the Mooselip Brohood is an Islamic theocracy which is founded on communism. Hassan al-Banna the founder of the Brotherhood was a follower of Hitler and Stalin who liked the idea of a communist tyrant to control the masses. Just like Iran and Hussain’s Iraq the basic formation of their political machine is a group of Imams who are the symbol of the gummit, however the real structure is a communist dictatorship. Either you are part of the ruling class or you are unemployed which is what they were installing in Egypt. Those who were used to a certain amount of economic freedom were suddenly in the outer circle and unemployed due to Party rule deciding winners and losers. This corruption is the basis of communism and those on the outside began to question the validity of communism and now we see the results of that basic unfairness.

People understand what communism is once they are under it and most places do not want anything to do with it. Communism is indentured servitude as you spend your entire life working for the massive gummit through excessive taxation. The muslim brotherhood raised taxes a hundred and fifty percent on much of the population making a bad economy worse. They made life miserable for the middle class as the increased taxes and regulations raised the prices on bare necessities making life impossible for the hard working Egyptians who had expected the promises to match the failed results.

In addition to a failed economy you had an Islamic fundamental dictatorship enforcing Sharia law into a country which has been multi-religious for thousands of years. The islamists allowed the most vicious atrocities to occur on the Coptic Christians and non Mooselips making a terrible situation unbearable. This is when the Egyptian people turned to the military to once again protect them from the Islamic butchers. This is the trademark of the Brotherhood as they are a Communist dictatorship modeled after Stalin with a religious fundamentalism similar to Iran. It is the worst form of gummit anybody could live under and the one which is preferred by the Obamarxism Inner Circle.

This is the form of gummit he is attempting to bring here which is a Marxis dictatorship in the model of Stalin and Mao. He has a much bigger challenge in that he has to nationalize one of the largest economies to ever be created, but he is off to a great start. He has taken over the auto industry and much of the banking sector as well as insurance. Obamacare is designed to destroy the health insurance industry so it can be a single payer plan run by the Fed in a few years leaving only the energy industry which he is well on his way to destroying with his war on coal. Once he has coal and oil the country is his and we will all be living in Egypt/Iran.

These are very dangerous times for America. We are being led by a President who believes that communism works and the Stalinist model is the one to follow. Much of what he is doing is collapsing on its own weight, but his followers and believers in media are still propping up these failed policies and laws. There is a true belief that communism can work in America, it just has to be done right and these ideologues believe they are the ones to do it. So even though everything he has tried has been an Obama bust they will not admit they are failures and we will see continued advancement of destructive bill after destructive bill.

Egypt was a complete failure of the Obama doctrine and has not been reported or explained by any news organization. He staked his Middle East policy on Egypt and the people in one year rejected it and had a week celebration of throwing off that doctrine. They made signs mocking him and Hilary while calling for America to wake up to this tyrant, but apparently only people who get the full dose of his policies can understand what they are. They had four million people protesting and demanding a change without the benefit of the Whitehouse orchestrating through social media this time. When are Americans going to realize Egypt is what he and his organizers are planning for America? When is America going to throw off their shackles and show the courage of Egypt? - Brayin Candy -

Pray for America to Wake UP
EXCLUSIVE: Former NSA Employee Speaks Out About its Corruption

NSA whistleblower, anonymous

National_Security_AgencyAt the very least, for the past few months to a year it has become increasingly evident that–although not all–many agencies of the US Federal government have become increasingly dirty, perverse and corrupt and require a deep and thorough cleaning. The US Secret Service has previously been exposed as “including claims of involvement with prostitutes, leaking sensitive information, publishing pornography, sexual assault, illegal wiretaps, improper use of weapons and drunken behavior” and the IRS was caught and admitted to denying Obama’s political enemies (aka “TEA Party, Christians, religious Jews, conservatives) their Constitutional rights while allowing “progressive” groups (aka liberals, leftists, Marxists, Maoists, socialists, communists) theirs. And–love him, hate him or fall somewhere in-between–Edward Snowden shined a very bright light on the unconstitutional domestic mega-spying of one of these clandestine agencies–the National Security Agency. Thus far, under Obama’s increasingly iron rule, few-to-no members of these agencies have even been indicted by Congress for their blatant crimes against the American people.
The NSA appears to have begun as a patriotic organization that was geared toward protecting the USA and its citizens. Whether or not that was its original intended purpose is a subject for discussion and speculation. However, portions of the NSA seem to have devolved into something very sinister. Today’s interview will concentrate on this agency.
A few weeks ago, I came into contact with a former NSA Analyst. Due to a number of substantive reasons, this former Analyst’s identity cannot be divulged at this time and will be referred to as “W.” I have, however, confirmed this individual’s prior employment and credentials via a well-known NSA “Whistleblower.” The information disseminated to me, amongst other things tells a sordid story of corruption and how employees are silenced into submission–via fear–within the agency,

The Interview

Sher: Thanks so much for being with me, today, in order to provide essential additional information to the public on how many of their tax dollars are really being spent. You were employed by the NSA for over two decades. Would you tell the readers what initially attracted you to the agency as well as how it has deteriorated over time?
W: Like many people from families with a strong history of serving our country, coming out of college, I looked to find a way to best utilize my particular interests and talents in service to my fellow Americans. The mission of the NSA it seemed to me, was to stop threats coming to our shores. It’s charter clearly targeted foreign nationals on foreign soil who did or could intend us harm. That appealed to me as a righteous endeavor and honorable tack for my life to take.
Sher: You’ve shared with me how the NSA deals with its employees who bring legitimate complaints to their superiors. How thoroughly intimidating and threatening are their behaviors toward those who balk at their adverse treatment? Would you give a few examples?
Michael Hayden
Michael Hayden, now with the Chertoff Group
W:  Apparently the nature of NSA Security degenerated under General Michael Hayden, the previous Director of NSA (DIRNSA), who promoted a very questionable mid-level Security manager to a power position within Security. Hayden had originally been tasked to eviscerate NSA since a very shallow and short-sighted Congress believed that the fall of the Iron Curtain meant no danger existed anywhere anymore that required the existence of a robust NSA presence. There evolved, under him, a gratuitously vicious bully mindset that employees were to be intimidated at any opportunity not only to drive them out of NSA but to cut back on people reporting problems that made NSA look bad, especially problems involving upper management.
Under Hayden and his successor, General Keith Alexander, the filing of complaints to or requests for investigations by the NSA EEO or the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) were often inexplicably blown off despite adequate evidence or the presence of willing witnesses. Then the person who had filed the complaint would be subjected to an out of cycle “reinvestigation” interview with Security as well as polygraph exam, wherein the tone of the Security person was not neutral–as it should be–but, hostile with far-fetched or even ridiculous non-issues presented as potentially problematic. This was a Security shot across the bow to warn the person that he had crossed the line by filing the complaint. If he pursued the complaint, Security would lean on his managers to heavily discourage him from doing what he thought was proper and was indeed a protected action under the law. If he persisted, did his own amateur investigation, or told coworkers about the situation, he might be called down to Security multiple times and accused of being “paranoid and delusional” based on his complaint, and his job threatened.

The worse the infraction reported, especially if a high level manager looked to be involved, the more severe the reaction by Security. In cases of egregious wrong-doing by a manager, Security would review the personnel files, medical files, and financial statements to find anything they could use to threaten or blackmail him with, or pretend to misinterpret some tidbit of information as something it was not.

Some people were forced to sign admissions of guilt of preposterous misinterpretations of facts in order to keep their jobs, thereby killing their credibility and complaint. When nothing was found in such files that could be used, a false accusation of espionage or leaking classified materials ginned up by Security, was used to justify a Security intrusion into the person’s home to search for blackmail material, further assess the interests and personality of the targeted individual (TI), and plant bugs and abscond with an extra set of keys for further intrusions. The more the person objected to being bullied, the more heavy-handed Security became, insisting that hostility toward them indicated wrong-doing on the TI’s part. Thus the TI would become harried and harassed for a crime he never committed, if it ever even was committed, and to repeated accusations by Security Psych services of a non-existent mental illness, more than adequately supported by years of internal, psychological evaluations stating he was mentally sound (Paranoia with delusions is rare and certainly never occurs overnight, but that does not deter a Security psychologist attack dog, whose favorite mode of attack employs reference to this malady).

The more a person stood his ground, the more “personal” it became to Security, which then became dedicated to the personal destruction of the TI. Under the pretext of the fake accusation of espionage or leaking classified information, Security would slander the individual with his coworkers, work friends and managers to isolate him and apply yet more pressure. Many backed away from supporting the TI in fear for their careers and maybe even freedom. Certainly this sent a message to the workforce in the TI’s area that NSA Security was at its essence, a rogue, unaccountable and psychotic entity that was to be greatly feared.

Once NSA Security had decided upon the removal of the TI for failing to be sufficiently cowed, then false evidence was given to the FBI liaisons assigned to NSA. This would engender a fraudulent FISA warrant, which loosed FBI surveillance and investigators upon the person for a few weeks or months, further slandering him to his work and social circles and thereby putting pressure on him by their constant presence. When the FBI would find no basis for the accusation, they would drop the case and move on. However, at that point, Security would send in their own personnel sans warrant, to overtly stalk and harass the TI , 24/7. In some instances, Security has even gone into the person’s neighborhood to recruit “snitches” and augment harassment with hostile civilians convinced the TI is an enemy of the state, based on baseless Security slander. Intrusions would be made into his home to remove gathered evidence or move things around as a psychological ploy and his car would be secretly “GPS’d” to facilitate vehicular stalking and aggressive driving games. There have even been reports of pet murders by poisoning as an escalation of the harassment with the inferred threat that perhaps it could be the TI’s child or himself next. The harassment is essentially elevated until the TI either “breaks” and assaults a harasser or complains to Security about the insane and sadistic, not to mention criminal way in which he is being mistreated. This is what Security planned for and is ready to jump on as their springboard to terminating his employment.

His security clearance is immediately pulled, he is warehoused in a menial job until adequate paperwork and a back-story can be fabricated or forged to falsely present a termination due to mental instability or illness, and the person is fired. Of course there is an appeals process, but it is thoroughly corrupted. No matter how much evidence supports the victim and how little supports NSA, NSA always “wins” these cases where it is clear the person was targeted for dismissal. Of course, this does nothing but embolden more degenerate or criminal behavior while making it clear that the person reporting evil will be considered the problem, and that in reality no labor laws or whistle protection laws can actually protect an NSA employee, because real watch dog entities don’t exist within NSA and state and Federal authorities routinely turn a blind eye to the reported abuses even as they become more criminal and seditious.
usintelligenceI shake my head at sycophant, disingenuous politicians who claim Edward Snowden could have or should have gone through “proper internal authorities” to report the abuses and criminal acts being committed within NSA. Would that be to the thoroughly corrupted, attack dog-watch dog entities, or the thoroughly oblivious or compromised politicians responsible for oversight who are in fact, in the NSA’s pocket due to bribery, blackmail or stupidity?

Sher: The NSA seems to suffer from the some of the same maladies as did the recent outing of the Secret Service. Without becoming too specific, would you give us a general idea as to advancement for sexual favors that have occurred within the agency? How defeating is that to employees who are simply working to protect the country while their bosses are indulging in sexual liaisons with lower level employees?

W: In my career, promotions were always hard to come by, meted out perhaps every five years if you were a good or exceptional worker, but male managers discovered that they held the keys to paradise in regard to attractive or even “acceptable” women willing to take shortcuts. These were the women who would make promotions in stunningly rapid succession with little to no accomplishments – of their own, that is. While others killed themselves with years of grueling shift work or even multiple dangerous foreign assignments only to find themselves evaluated as a 3.6 on a scale of 5, when an attractive, morally loose recent college graduate would receive a 4.8 for essentially alphabetizing a shelf of reference books her first 6 months on the job.

 This made many, many people bitter and certainly sent the wrong signal to the hardest workers and the most talented. Though many stopped being as dedicated to their jobs, others did indeed press ahead and worked tirelessly knowing their reward was the mission accomplished and not likely appropriate recognition. Capable men despaired of receiving deserved promotions and women almost feared being promoted for exceptional work, fearing they would be assumed to be one of the typically incapable promotion bimbos among the bloated management. Expertise and knowledge became commodities to guard and not share with new workers, fearing you would not reap the benefits of your own work. This of course created a situation where expertise and insight must be gained and regained from scratch, losing precious time training up area or target experts to the detriment of the mission.

It was very discouraging to see immature or degenerate bosses spending their time flirting and chasing skirts, the very same people who were charged with competently reviewing your work, (keeping apprised of the big picture so people felt free to specialize their research), and whose responsibility it was to accurately and honestly represent their people before promotion boards. But the atmosphere of secrecy, the strict laws about divulging names of NSA employees or anything that occurred there, emboldened certain men to believe that their wives and families would never know of their indiscretions, and turned work time into play time for them. And now apparently young males are also being pursued as sexual toys. One has to wonder what is being missed in the realm of highly perishable intelligence leads by distracted managerial incompetents.

Sher: As an additional example of NSA intimidation, one of the things you’d said may be shared is your experience with the “3 Amigos.” Would you tell us about them?

W: There were three eccentric looking older males who were often seen in the NSA OPS1 cafeteria together, whom we also got to know by word of mouth, as master electricians well-versed in computer science. They were nicknamed by some in the analyst field as “Rasputin”, “Santa”, and “Choo Choo” or “the engineer”, due to their highly unusual appearances and dress. One eye witness being harassed on yet another NSA Security retaliatory witch hunt, reported seeing one of these men at her home, on her property, when she discovered indications that her home had been broken into, her cable box broken into, and her phone hacked, leaving tell-tale clicking sounds at regular intervals whenever she used her phone. Any phone tap done by warrant is done at the carrier’s hub under their auspices and will not “click”, only illegal hack jobs “click”.  She noted him not only as a trespasser being somewhere he should not have been, but recognized him by his highly unusual appearance from work. When she attempted to look him up in the NSA data base by career specialty, she found that what should have been his photo, which should have been a source of pride since he was of the rank to be a Flag Badger (Manager whose rank is senior enough to garner a photo with the American flag in the background), was instead a photo of a desert animal called a Meercat indicating that he wanted his identity hidden from the general NSA population.

Sher: With regards to many who have said that the NSA’s collection of meta-data on all forms of communication between legal citizens of the USA is unconstitutional, also indicated is the fact that not one terrorist act has been stopped by said collection. It appears good old-fashioned police work is what still gets the “perp.” In your opinion, is this accurate?

W: I think it is indeed true that the meta data collection ruse within the USA distracts from tried and true research and investigation, which the latter method apparently did indeed uncover the 9/11 plot months before it happened, well in time to have prevented it, according to two separate analysts with whom I have spoken, one just two days after 9/11 as he broke down and sobbed his heart out, repeating “We could have saved them! We could have saved them! But they wouldn’t let us report it!”, and the other several years later, who maintained the same story of being threatened and forbidden to report any warning about 9/11, then being harassed and fired for a non-existent mentally illness. However, it is a good means to track your political enemies and detractors and their affiliates within the US – for future reference? It would appear much more for the self-preservation and expansion of NSA as the ubiquitous Orwellian Big Brother than for the protection of the USA. With the power the NSA wields, it could easily influence border control issues and immigration issues to make us not as susceptible to terrorist intrusions and infiltrations, but that would undermine their power grab and expansion within the US, something never intended at NSA’s creation – and for good reason.

Sher: As a former long time employee of the NSA, what do you believe–if anything–can be done to correct the problems within the agency?
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper before the Senate Armed Services Committee, AFP photo
W: There is no doubt that NSA is now run by those sycophants and sociopaths who are the least desirable to have in any position of such sensitivity and trust and are purging NSA ranks of people with integrity. Compromising activity that would rightfully cost you your clearance, is now viewed as intrinsic perks of the job once you reach a certain pay grade. These lesser leaders have turned NSA into an American Gestapo Wanna-Be agency. NSA lost its way with non-serious super grade playboys not mature enough for the responsibility of the job of managing and directing NSA,
the problem by promoting sycophants to protect their backs as well as lightweights with whom to have “sexcapades” behind office doors, but in that group also has risen opportunistic sociopaths and psychopaths attracted to more and more power, any way they can get it, and by conniving and ruthlessness have blown past incompetent, distracted management to change the very nature of the NSA from watchman to the American people to jack booted prison guard.
If the Legislative Branch is possessed of anyone with the least bit of courage and common sense, they would demand super clearances for those on the Intelligence Oversight Committees so that years or decades of abusive behaviors, kingdom building, or even crimes can not continually be swept under the rug by telling these particular politicians, “You don’t have the need to know, just trust us.” Obviously, they cannot be trusted. An appointment to that Committee would of course have to become much more exclusive, requiring a thorough vetting as any job with a Top Secret clearance should. But to deal with the toxic management at NSA now, I would require every Flag Badger and Security manager to account for himself and what he adds to the mission. If he is pork, retire him or require him to laterally transfer to another agency. Before that however, I would require that every single Flag Badger and every Security group manager take a polygraph by non-NSA affiliated or non-NSA sympathetic sources to account for the millions of dollars wasted on their vicious and illegal war on NSA employees who dutifully report fraud, waste, abuse as well as sexual predation and treason. Those who are found to be guilty of such things as falsifying accusations against innocent employees; fabricating false witnesses and evidence; engaging in illegal acts of breaking and entering; falsifying FISA warrant justifications; lying to the FBI about a targeted victim’s criminality; falsifying psychological assessments; subverting lie detector exams by screaming at the targeted subject during or just before the exam to create false impressions of guilt; hiding or destroying exonerating evidence supporting their victims’ claims; intimidating or roughing up witnesses; coordinating or participating in criminal stalking and harassment activities, illegal break-ins, illegal wire taps, organizing and paying civilian groups under the table to augment harassment of targeted employees, and lastly, conspiring to effect or cover up any or all of these actions. And any NSA employee in that group who pleads the 5th, should be fired and stripped of his retirement since this type of betrayal rots a country from within. NSA must be recreated, and returned to the stated task in their founding charter of focusing on foreign enemies overseas.
Sher: W, so much of the information you’ve provided is truly astounding! 
Thanks so much for being with us today and I hope you’ll be available for another should ongoing events require one.